Rachel Macklin

Rachel's unique career path can best be described by saying the universe laughs at long-term planning. A performing artist from the age of five, she spent many years in theatre, eventually branching into directing and producing Off and Off-Off Broadway. Along the way, she dabbled in photography, writing and graphic design.

In 2006, life found her returning to her roots in the Seattle area, where she took a job as a recruiter. Over the next ten years, she discovered she actually had a left brain and grew organically into an executive leader. She also realized that she actually liked building companies, even if it meant doing math. She's still flabbergasted that she wasn't exposed as a creative nerd masquerading in the business world. 

Currently, Rachel could be characterized as having a "particular set of skills," but without prop firearms or elbows to the face. Instead, she's happy to pick up her camera or put words to paper (digitally speaking) in an effort to add more good to the human experience.