Writing Projects

I've been writing on and off for as long as I can remember. Theatre first inspired me to tell stories when I was young, and I've never stopped. My influences growing up were Britcoms and Shakespeare, therefore a lot of my early writing was in iambic pentameter. It's a blessing to the world at large that not much of it survived. 


Cold Blooded

Thelonious Thistleton is an aging actor whose theatre career has hit an all-time low. He's playing bit roles on Chiron's most infamous stage, and may have a bit of a drinking problem. When a beautiful stranger hires him to impersonate a reclusive geneticist at a high-society event, he thinks he may have finally caught a break...until he gets kidnapped by a gang of genetically modified mobsters and yanked into a plot to steal a mysterious scientific formula. In order to pull off the heist, he’s paired with a talented, yet socially awkward LGBTQI thief. In order to pull off the heist and thwart their enemies, they must find a way to work together, or risk an unwelcome swim with the fishes.

Cold Blooded is a sci-fi buddy comedy with a snarky style reminiscent of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. It was the first place winner of the 2017 Pacific Northwest Writer's Association annual Literary Contest in the fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal category. 


The Starseeker Trilogy

An epic fantasy series inspired by 6th century Persia, The Starseeker Trilogy follows a female warrior and her closest allies as they seek a lost relic that could hold the key to defeating a vengeful god that threatens their world. 

The Starseeker Trilogy is currently in-work.